Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Mine turned out to be awesome and quite relaxing. Not to mention, we've been having some awesome Spring weather, even though its still a bit chilly.

Here's another dose of random awesomeness.

{from top left to right}:

1. Loving the orchid hubby got me for Valentines.
2. The Bachelor date.
3. How Charlie falls asleep sometimes.
4. The two ducks that come every Spring. We feed them.
5. Pedis with a girlfriend.
6. Worked on some Spring blooms.
7. The picture says it all.
8. She lost two teeth in one day.
9. Vinegar + orange peels = Organic, all purpose cleaner.
10. Me, my little brother and one of my sisters, via 22 yrs. ago.
11. Budgeting.
12. New Target earrings. 

Is anyone else excited for March? 
I feel like it's jam packed with fun little things here and there. One of which, the kids not having school for like half of the month due to conferences and Spring break and then Easter... I can't wait!!!

And I feel like March is the month of "real" Spring. 
The trees are budding and flowers are about to open up. 
I love, love, love this time of year. Love.

Tomorrows Monday. Not sure how I feel about it yet. But I will try to make the best of it.

Happy week!

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