Impromptu photoshoot.

A few weeks, I spent a Saturday, with whom I like to call, "my brother from another mother". 

His dad is the pastor at the church where I grew up, so I've known his entire family for 23 years.
He's like a friend/ brother/ girlfriend all in one. 
And I feel I'm the big sister, always giving him advice.

After having lunch downtown, we decided to snap some pictures, just for fun. Isabelle was with me and loved being a part of a "grown up" date, so to say.

We've got some beautiful, historical buildings in downtown Salem.
This one happens to be US Bank.

We only took a few shots, but I thought I would share anyway, since most of the pictures I share with you are taken with my phone.
It's fun tugging my "real" camera around and snapping some pictures when your not in a hurry and there aren't any whiny kids.

Until the next shoot...

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