This Valentines day, hubs and I didn't do anything out of the ordinary.

We did have a yummy, fresh crab dinner, with the kids, at home. 
And came Saturday, I surprised him with a little getaway to an amazing barber shop in Portland, called The Modern Man and afterwards we had brunch. 
It was a perfect few hours away from the kids.

Here's our day in pictures.

{from top left to right}:

1. Kisses for my Valentine.
2. Mini pink roses inspite of the day.
3. Classic, red nails for the day.
4. Valentines for Isabelles class.
5. Valentines for Gabes class.
6. Another one of mommy's valentines.
7. Heart confetti during lunch.
8. Fresh crab for dinner {and pretty tulips from the hubby}.
9. Red lips and fun hair for the day.
10. Mid day visit from sissy and her dog, Kip.
11. Vasily being treated at the Modern Man barber shop.
12. My hottie during brunch.

As you can tell, I'm very cheesy when it comes to holidays. 

Although I think we should love and spoil the ones we love through out the year, I will decorate my home, dress the kids and myself in coordinating outfits and do everything possible to make it a fun, memorable day.

Although not a lot of money was spent, it was a perfect day.
I had my hubby and the kids with me and thats all I could ask for.

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