Spring is almost here.

Golly... Is anyone else looking forward to Spring as much as I am?

It is, hands down, my favorite time of year. 
The trees budding, the flowers sprouting, the birds chirping and busying themselves with nest preparations... It's just a happy time. A fresh start, if you may.

I've already slowly started springifying {yes, I made that up} the house, but still not quite done. 
And considering Easter is next month {wha??!!} I need to get a move on it.

I've already got some ideas for a Spring table and I even whipped out the sewing machine for some much needed updates.

Anyway, I just wanted to share some pretty images I found on Pinterest.
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Are these not beautiful!?

Some of these won't bloom until about May or even June, but there will be enough until then to keep this girl happy!

I just can't wait for the pink, cherry blossoms to line the curvy roads I drive on everyday. It puts a smile on my face.
But especially when driving through the pink petals while they gently fall off the trees.
There's something magical and whimsical about it. Or maybe thats just the girl inside me. You decide.

As soon as signs of Spring arrive in my home, I will be sure and share, until then, enjoy the pretty pictures!

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