Hi friends!

I know, its been a few weeks since I last wrote. Just haven't been on the computer very much lately and sometimes I'm okay with that.
Just been focusing more of my attention on some other things at the moment.

But I'm here now and those pictures are starting to accumulate on my phone again... So I will be kind and share.

{from top left to right}:

1. A chilly morning at the inlaws farm.
2. Getting excited for Spring.
3. Sick kiddos.
4. French toast with caramelized apples.
5. Obsessing over sissies dog, Kip.
6. Last minute dessert date.
7. Homemade smoothies.
8. So many colors, so little time.
9. Jamba juice. Mid day treat.
10. Playdate at the besties house.
11. Having some fun with the cousins hair.
12. Just a little something hubby picked up while hiking.

There you have it!
Just fun little treats here and there.

Haven't had much going on here, but at least we are staying healthy. Those coughs and runny noses stuck around for a while!

Hope you all have a wonderful the rest of the week. Make the best of it!

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