Sunriver weekend.

After the whole family suffered with the nasty, stomach flu all last week, we were able to get away for the weekend to the beautiful little town of Sunriver, OR.
Although it was still a lot of work going with four little ones, and they had a hard time falling asleep the first night, we had a good time and desperately needed the time away from home.

There was lots of lounging, playing games by the fire in the evenings and lots of random activities, such as swimming, skating, tubing and just walking in the snow.

{from top left to right}:

1. Friday night. Exhausted, but excited.
2. Cuddling with monkey.
3. Cold, but lovin' the snow.
4. Isabelle, Noah and Gabe.
5. Coffee + fire = Cozy.
6. Ice skating {this was before I fell on my bum, and the big camera around my neck smacked me in the face and split the top of my nose open. Ouch.}.

I gotta admit, one weekend isn't enough to get the rest we needed, but thankfully the kids didn't have school the following Monday, so we lounged around the house and took it easy.

I told hubby we need to schedule more of these outings, come summer time.
Our kids LOVE the outdoors and Sunriver has lots of fun activities in the summer time as well.

If you live in the area and never been, I totally recommend it!

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