I don't know why I thought summer was gonna slow down. We've been going and going non-stop all day, every day.

We've had lots of hot days and this is the first year we've had a pool membership, so thats pretty much where we're at 75% of the time. Chores can wait… Summer will only last 3 months around here.

Today, before we headed to the pool, we drove a little bit out of our way, to discover this beautiful field out in the country.

I told the kids I'd take them to the pool if they cooperated for a picture {I know, I'm horrible}. 

Isabelle insisted I take one of her and Kit smelling the flowers. Not sure what I'd do without my one and only little lady.

 And then theres this kid, who ABSOLUTELY hates being in pictures, but was all smiles today!

And even wanted to snap some pics himself. He's actually pretty good. 

A few minutes of us pulling over, the owner walked down and offered to take our picture! Such a sweet man. I thought for sure he'd ask us to leave, but proceeded to tell me about his farm and land, instead.
 It's a little blurry {my camera is manual}, but such a nice gesture, none the less.

I love unexpected days like today. Just an ordinary Monday, filled with a small memory that we can tuck away and talk about later.


Lavender farm.

 Just like the peony garden, I visit the lavender farm once a year and pick some fresh lavender to add to my packages that I ship.

If only you could scratch and sniff this picture...

I always feel like I'm in a different country when I'm there. It's so peaceful and the aroma, obviously.

The littles. They've grown SO much in the last year.

The kids will just run around while I sit and enjoy the scenery.
I might have to go back again, cause it's just so dang gorgeous there and so close to my house.

Whats your favorite places to visit during the summer???


Peony garden.

Every year, I drive 30min to what I call "heaven on earth".
It's a trip I look forward to every Spring and how can you blame me. 

The brooks peony garden isn't huge, but a big enough garden with hundreds of varieties of peonies. 

Almost every year I go, its rainy/drizzling and muddy, but that doesn't stop me. I knew if I didn't make my trip, I would miss out, since I waited til the end of the season to go.

Overcast makes for pretty pictures, anyway.
Here are a couple of the rascals that came with me, while the other two were in school.

Even end of the season peonies are beautiful.

The owner has every variety set in vases, so you know what each one is called.
That yellow one stole the show… Absolutely stunning.

I also grab myself a bouquet to go. It usually goes on the dining table. 

 Until next year…



Do you even remember who I am??? Haha!

Ive been horrible about keeping up on here and its simply because life took over.

In the past 6 months we've:

1. Snipped flowers from our new garden.
2. Watched our kids grow up.
3. Gone camping.
4. Got bunnies {and then gave them away a month later}
5. Watched the beautiful sunsets.
6. Celebrated birthdays at the beach.
7. Had weekends away with girlfriends.
8. Decorated, painted and DIY'd {we MOVED!!!}
9. Went to baby showers.

And everything in between!!!

If you were paying attention, you might have noticed #8… WE MOVED. Yes!!!
After living in our rental for over 6 yrs, we finally were able to house shop and settle on one that was absolutely perfect for our little family.
Except, almost 4 months later and we STILL haven't closed. Anyone else gone through this??? 
It's an absolutely draining process and requires extra-special patience. The kind I've never had to practice before.

Although the house isn't officially ours, we've slowly started making it our own, starting with painting every room in the house. 
I'm only half way done, because its a LOT of work and we have to keep the budget in mind {darn that budget!}.

I've also purchased some new furniture here and there, including my dream bed {sneak peak in #8} and tackled some projects that needed to be finished ages ago.

I will do my best to share updates and pretty pictures of things that get done around here and will covet any prayers, regarding the closing of this house!!! Or prayers for patience. Whichever comes to your mind first.

Happy Monday, friends!!!


Family photos.

This last weekend, we had our family pictures taken, by a childhood friend {Bumble Alley Photography}.
Its been 3yrs since our last shoot, so this was a big deal.

Just by glancing at them, they look like ordinary family pictures… But only if you knew what was going on in real life.

The entire week before the shoot, it was pouring rain. So everyday I prayed that we would have atleast an hour of dry weather, so we could at least get ONE family shot… The Lord answered my prayer, but little did I know I needed to pray for no wind.

The wind was SO insanely strong that day, there were moments we could barely stand and there were trees falling as we were shooting!

 The kids were freezing but did so amazing {feeding them candy after every take might have helped.. don't judge}.

I couldn't understand why The Lord gave us no rain, but such crazy wind, that there was no point of even doing my hair!

But then, I saw the pictures… 

That glorious wind gave the pictures some beautiful, beautiful drama and character that otherwise, we wouldn't of had.

One of my favorite moments were these of hubby and I… I love how black & white shots capture emotions.

And this is the reaction you get when theres a flock of ducks, suddenly, flying over you… 

I could share at least 50 more outtakes, but I'll spare you…

I am SO thankful my amazing friend braved the crazy weather and got these amazing moments on camera.

I always say it, but invest some money in good family portraits. I promise, you will NOT regret it, especially if you don't do it very often.

Also, I've missed you all!
It's been just a little busy around here, so there hasn't been much decorating or party planning… But instead, lots of cleaning, cooking and trying to keep up with laundry. You know, life.

Hope you enjoyed taking a peek through these.

Happy almost November {where does the time go}!!!



When you live in a state where there is only 3 months of sun and hot weather, you take full advantage of it… And that is why, my friends, I have been missing.

Once school was out, we were out and about doing things outside.
Playdates, swim lessons, berry picking {LOTS of berry picking} and simply just soaking in lots of vitamin D.

Here are just small snipits of the last two months…

{from top left to right}:

1. Fresh picked peaches {it was extremely hot that day, we ran out of water and the kids were extra whiny, but we got fresh peaches and cherries}
2. Just chillin' after church.
3. Ice cream dates.
4. LOTS of ice cream dates.
5. Soaking in some sun rays.
6. Snuggles with girlfriends' littles.
7. Carousal rides.
8. Lunch outside.
9. And more berries… We can't get enough!!!

I still cant believe that August is here and we've still got SO much more to do to FULLY enjoy summer.

What have you been up to??? 


A girl and her doll.

Last week, on the worst day possible, I wanted to do a shoot with Isabelle and her American girl doll. She treats it like it's her child and I thought it would be so sweet to capture some moments of her, with the doll.

Ofcourse, I picked the rainiest day, out of the whole week, but Isabelle was a trooper and totally went along with my plan, even though she was wet by the time we were done.

Isabelle has a very sweet, nurturing spirit, so its no surprise that she treats that doll, like its her own child. She has slept with her every night since she got her, back in January, for her birthday. And she will take her anywhere I allow her to.

 She is the queen of tea parties and I love it. 
I wanted to get detailed shots of the actual tea party, with she and Kit, but it was just too wet and cold, so I got what I could, before we needed to go and warm up.

I hope that someday, her sweet, sweet personality is used in a positive way and that she blesses everyone around her.

I love this one and only, princess of mine.


Mothers day flowers.

Sunday morning, the kids surprised me with four bouquets of flowers, a card and a balloon.

I love that they know how much I love flowers.

And instead of just sticking them in a vase, I made a beautiful arrangement out of them and put them right in the entry way so its the first thing you see when you come in {along with the mess all over the floor}.

There were pink and purple tulips, small and big mums and pink carnations. The greenery I picked from our backyard. 
I absolutely love the bright colors against my gray walls.

I love that you don't need fancy flowers to make a beautiful arrangement. All of these flowers cost less than $20 and this would make a stunning centerpiece.

I am fully enjoying looking at it every time I'm in the living room… The kids' toys all over the floor? Not so much.

Hope you all had a great weekend!!!


Charlie turns 3...

This is my baby, #4.

On May 10th, this little handsome turned 3… 3 folks!!! 

He has a kind heart, extremely sweet and cuddly, and has the best manners... He truly is my little man.

I pray that his gentle spirit stays well into his youth and that he loves, the way he loves, always.

And even though he is growing up fast, he will always be my baby. Always.

Happy birthday, sweet boy.

Happy Mothers Day!!!

Happy Mothers day, dear ladies!!!

I am so thankful The Lord granted me my wish, since I was a little girl, to be a mom and not just a mom, but a mom to four, beautiful kids {missing one stubborn turkey who despises taking pictures}!

Hope your day was filled with lots and lots of love, flowers and chocolate.

Be blessed!!!