Spring touches.

Its no surprise that Spring is my favorite time of year, hence all the flowers your about to see.

Not to mention, lilacs are in bloom a month earlier than last year! Eeeeek!

The entry way dresser is ever evolving in its decor and when I pulled out my little nest, I was pleasantly surprised that I liked it there. 
It was just enough and not to much.

My lamp tables pretty much stay the same, I just change the flowers out. I LOVE the pop of color from all the flowers. It freshens up the house.

And these beauties are on the coffee table. Im STILL on the hunt for that perfect table, thats in my budget. It's becoming almost impossible to find what I want, sadly.

My trustee, ceramic rabbit, finally made his appearance on my "mantle". 
I love him there.

I just needed some big blooming branches somewhere in the house. Our ceilings aren't high, so it's always a challenge finding a good spot for them, but I found a spot and love it, since I never really do anything there. 
It's a small, brick, mantle from where our wood stove sits. 
I try to keep it simple, as it always gets more dusty there, so the flowers add a "pretty" touch to a spot that can be blah and boring, especially in the winter time.

Not only are there so many beautiful flowers outside, but the weather has been absolutely glorious. There is nothing better than waking up to sunshine, streaming into the bedroom window.
Its hit almost 75 in the last couple of days and here in Oregon, thats pretty much summer! Haha!

The nice weather {and my laziness} has also encouraged me to do some Spring cleaning. And I have found that because it can seem so overwhelming, to do one or two tasks a day.
I've still got a few things I need to finish, but I've tackled some things I haven't in over a year and it feels good to finally have them done.

What has the sunshine inspired in you???

Enjoy the beautiful weather, friends!



Happy first day of Spring, my friends!!!

This is my favorite season, by far, and that picture above, tells you why... Those beauties are sitting on my table right now and they make me smile.

Hope your all enjoying your day... I'm off to run errands and treat the kids to something fun, for the first day of Spring break!!!



Waterlogue app.

Have you all seen the fun, new Waterlogue app for the iPhone???

I finally caved and paid the $3. 

Its a LOT of fun and makes me wish I can water paint in real life!

Check out some of the pictures I played around with...

{from top left to right}:

1. Spring flowers at the store and my sneakers... Which I love.
2. Coffee on a rainy day... And everyday.
3. Testing out my new curling iron.
4. Flowers by the kitchen sink. Always puts a smile on my face.

Isn't it fun!

Show the creators of this app some love and download it... You'll have tons of fun playing around with it!

And happy almost Spring, hence all the flowers!


Recent treasures.

Not only do I thrift for my little Instagram shop {which has kept me busy, hence the lack of posts}, but I am always on the lookout for goodies for the family.

Here are some recent treasures I scored for the kids and I, brought to you via Insapost.

{from top left to right}:

1. Handmade, leather ankle sandals. I've been on the hunt for similar ones for ages!
2. A shrunken RL wool sweater makes for a great cardi, for little girls.
3. Leather ballet flats {my favorite for everyday} and a leather envelope clutch on major clearance from Marshalls.
4. Leather bag. Made in Italy and absolutely beautiful.
5. Chunky, animal print heels. These are HOT.
6. A vintage, cozy knit sweater.
7. Brand new Minnetonkas for Noah. I love these.
8. A fun, warm hat for Charlie.
9. Vintage, crossbody bag. I couldn't find any history on it, but I love the horse logo on the front.

It's a good thing I've got my little shop, cause if I didn't, I would be on the next episode of hoarders.

Have you found anything special lately???


Noah's 5th birthday party!

I promised to blog a lot sooner than last time and I have delivered. And not only that, but I have REAL pictures, folks. Real ones. Like I actually took my big camera out, charged the battery and took nice pictures.
I always forget how big of a difference there is in the quality. 

Moving on.

This weekend, we celebrated Mr. Noah turning the big 5. You know what that means, right? 
He will start school this fall. I mean, where in heavens name does the time go!!?!

A week before the party, I already had ideas brewing and I was pretty excited, but come the night before and my brain shut down. 
Everything I tried to do either didn't turn out or just wasn't turning out the way I wanted it to. I was tired and I hadn't even finished all the cleaning. I had to call it a night, though.

But waking up in the morning, I was just that much driven, to finish the cleaning and get that table set up.
A new day and new ideas. I was pleasantly surprised at how all of a sudden my ideas were coming together and everything looked just as I had imagined... And even better. 

I knew I somehow wanted to incorporate "dots" into the decor, so I started with purchasing a round hole punch.

I kept the decor pretty simple, by adding dots to some string and hanging it around the window and the empty frame and made the table extra fun.

I used different shades of orange and two different sizes for the dots. I had covered the table with packaging paper and glued the dots right down on it {so they wouldn't be all over the floor}.

I was originally gonna keep the party orange, but then saw the cute striped straws at Target and thought orange and turqouise go so well together! I added white to break up all the color a bit.

I was clueless as to how to fill up the center of the long table, so I blew up balloons {really small} and taped them down in no particular order.

Adding the mandarins to the plates was totally last minute and it was one of my favorite touches. It was a great way to personalize everyones places. A place card, if you will.

Be creative when your creating your own tablescape. Some of the things you never thought to try, will sometimes be the perfect touch needed!

I love how it turned out. It was fun, still age appropriate and most of all Noah loved it.

For entertainment, I normally just have the kids play with the new toys or play outside if its nice {which they did}, but we had seen this balloon artist on a night out with the family and decided to hire him. The kids loved him!

Here's just one of the animals Noah requested. 
The eyes and tongue on this snake are my favorite.

The kids had a blast and this mama was exhausted, but as always, it was SO worth it at the end. 

Now, to start planning the other boys' parties. 
Yep, they're all back to back... March, Gabe in April and Charlie in May. 

Lord have mercy. Amen.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to catch some zzz's. Tomorrows Monday *sigh*.

Goodnight friends and hope you had a restful weekend!



I've been extra naughty the past month and haven't blogged since December!!! Shame on me.

Although I don't feel I ever have anything important going on, something seems to come up everyday and then throw four kids into the mix... Well, you get the point. It's life.

But here I am and just sharing a little slice of life in December.

Instaposts are my fav. I can't help it.

{from top left to right}:

1. Girl, holiday get together.
2. The one and only snow day we had.
3. Hot chocolate. With LOTS of marshmallows.
4. 12yr. anniversary with my one and only.
5. The tree.
6. Sick for 3 weeks in December. No fun.
7. Lattes for the win.
8. Cedar clippings.
9. The fam bam.

I also turned 30, and then celebrated Isabelles and Hubbys birthday a week after mine... It's been a long month!

But can I just say I'm sort of a sucker for Valentines day and can't wait for it???
I'm cheesy like that. But I'm also a girl, so there you have it.

I promise my next post will be much sooner than this last one.

Hope your all having a wonderful weekend, friends!


My 30th birthday.

 Yesterday, on Christmas eve, I turned 30. 

I've had mixed feelings about it for months, but I was mostly excited. And then the day came. And half way through the day it hit me... I'm 30.
I got emotional for about a minute and then got over it. I immediately remembered all the blessings in my life and it put a smile on my face. 

20's offered so much, including all four of my babies, but I'm hoping my 30's will be a little more stress free and I get more sleep! Haha!

I'm looking forward to seeing what the next decade brings and whatever it holds, I will embrace.

I found this on Pinterest and loved it...

"It's not the years in your life... It's the life in your years."
~Abe Lincoln

Over the weekend, I was able to get away for half of the day with some girlfriends and enjoy some shopping and dinner.
I was extremely blessed, but mostly spoiled, this year with the gifts I received.

 {from top left to right}:

1. Dinner with girlfriends
2. I mentioned to a friend how much I loved a Phillip Lim dress, so she ordered it for me!
3. My mommy went out of her way and got me a power juicer!
4. And I spoiled myself with some fresh peonies and that pretty mug from Anthro, I've been eyeing.

And just like that, the day is over and I'm another year older {and wiser}.

Thank you to everyone for all the birthday wishes and everyone who spoiled me rotten... I love you all!!!

Cheers to another wonderful and blessed year!!!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!!!

Today we are taking things easy and chillin' in our jammies, with absolutely no agenda for the day. 
The boys are on their third lego set and Isabelle has painted her little tea set.

This is the first year we aren't going anywhere and I love it. 

Enjoy your time with families and remember to love on those who are hurting and don't have it as well, this season.

Wishing you a wonderful day, friends!!!


Christmas at our house.

I know, most people have posted there house all decked out for Christmas, the weekend of Thanksgiving, but although its my favorite time of year, it took me a little longer to finish all the decorating I wanted to do. 
We've just had lots of other things going on, that were far more important than decorating. 
And my instagram shop, its keeping me busy as well, which is a good thing!

But here we are and for the most part, I think I'm satisfied. 

The main focus is always the living room, since thats the first thing you walk into and because thats where the christmas tree abides.

And there it is... The tree. 
She was very grand this year. Much grander than the last and I love it.

Like every year, I always use the same ornaments and then add something special and different in.
This year {just like last} after putting all the ornaments on, I was dumbfounded as to what I was going to do that was "special" and would stand out from last years. And it actually stood unfinished for 2 weeks. Yep. I was procrastinating.

But after finally making a trip to Michaels, I found the perfect addition. 
Lucky me, all of their Christmas stuff was 70% off! 
I wasn't necessarily looking for a "christmas" item to add, but thats how it just worked out and even though I try to add something that doesn't usually cost me anything, this year, I didn't mind spending an extra $18 to make the tree look EXTRA special.

It might be hard to see, but I ended up buying the gold, glittered faux branches to add in for that extra special something. 
I love how it turned out. The tree looked empty and after I added them in, it had the "finished" look. That's always a good look!

On the other side, I added some christmas lights to our little palm tree as well {as you can tell, this guy isn't doing well, and probably has half the leaves it did when we first got it back in Feb}.

Unfortunately, I still haven't found the coffee table of my dreams, thats in my budget, so I'm working with the one we got for free a couple years back.

I added a plastic tray, with some shed antlers that hubby found out in the forest, and the paperwhites I just bought.
It's simple, but I like it. 

Of course none of those things will stay on there for too long, because we all know what happens with four kiddos... The antlers will be used as swords, the bulbs will be pulled out and the water will be all over the table and floor.

I don't do much to the side tables, either. 
But I'm loving that the climbing fig is still alive {from when I purchased it for my sissy's baby shower} and that it's actually getting bigger. 

 The beautiful flower arrangement is from a floral workshop that I went to Friday night... More on that on another post.

And the other one just has a recent picture of hubby and I with a vintage, brass buck I found at an estate sale over the summer. 
I now have a total of 4 of them and they are one of my favorites during this time of year.

 The other two sit on my "mantle"...

I didn't add much on the mantle either, except for the faux wreath and the mercury candlestick. 
I'm sure if my creative juices were where they're suppose to be, I would of done something a little more creative, but I just don't have the energy to come up with anything more than what I've got.
And this year, I'm okay with that.

 Turning the opposite way, you will see that green dresser that sits right by the door. 
I still love it just as much as I did when I first finished it... And I mostly love the color for this time of year.

 I even took the time {finally}, to change out most of the pictures on the gallery wall. It was time. I had the same ones hanging for about 2 yrs, if not more!

 I can't get over how beautiful the flower arrangement is. Here it is from another angle...

The colors worked perfectly in the house and we all know how much I LOVE fresh flowers.

Here's a closer look at it and some reflections from the mirror, which I still absolutely love {don't mind the kids' fingerprints that I forgot to wipe off}.

 I can sit and look at this the entire day...

It's just so cozy and inviting.

The dining room got a little decking, as well.

The little faux trees are one of my favorites and that corner is the perfect spot for them.

I also used cedar again this year, to add in some random places. 

 And because I just didn't have the energy to do a Christmas tablescape, I wanted to move the flower arrangement to the table and take a few shots of it with my tea and snacks.

 I mean, who wouldn't want to have tea like this every morning!

And there you have it.

I'm hoping to post a few more shots, of deckings, from random little spots in the house, so stay tuned for those.

Hope you enjoyed taking a peek into our home and hope you are enjoying this wonderful time of year!

It really IS the most wonderful time of the year.